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Sportmed, for sport and occupational injury products.

Ladysport, for athletic wear and shoes.

Changepain, community based services.


An Online Medical and Lifestyle Directory

Search for Medical and Lifestyle Solutions from their panel of over 200 specialists who believe education is the beginning of taking control of your health, and the life you want. HealthChoicesFirst (HCF) believes health is a shared responsibility. They are a community of medical and complementary medical professionals working together with you on improving your health and your life. HCF speakers believe that knowledge is the start of any plan that has longevity and hope of success. Marpole Physiotherapy featured expert speaker.

BC Triathlons, Triathlon Apparel, BC Race Calendar and Results!

Check out the BC Triathlon race calendar and results, coaching tips or browse the stores and services under the directory pages!


Vancouver Pacific Wave is a community based sports club run by a volunteer parent executive. They offer programs for all levels of swimmers, from those learning synchronized swimming, those interested in a recreational program and for those who wish to compete at a national level. The coaches are certified through the National Coaching Certification Program and many are former athletes at the club.

Nicole Fournier, one of our respected and experienced physiotherapists, has swam and coached for VPW for 8 years. She has worked with provincial training center swimmers assisting in core stability training and conditioning. She has also completed an in depth research thesis entitled “Optimal Body Composition of Elite Synchronized Swimmers”.


The Jericho Oceanman is a 2-3 hour multi-sport adventure race, and is being held each summer on the beach at the Jericho Sailing Center in beautiful Vancouver, B.C.

The race disciplines are swimming, paddling, stand up paddling and running with a few surprise challenges throughout to test competitors’ skills and physical abilities.

Marpole Physiotherapy Clinic has participated in the event with their teams for several years now. Thanks to everyone for their support and enthusiasm!

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